Deepika Padukone opens up about her style in jewellery and the pieces she treasures

Padukone, the face of Cartier's 'Nature Sauvage' High Jewelry collection on her preference for playful pieces that blend modernity and timelessness.

Harper's Bazaar India

Since being named Cartier's global ambassador in 2022, Deepika Padukone has consistently looked stunning each time the luxury brand unveils a new collection. Who can forget the striking yellow diamond necklace worn by the actor, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist at the 2023 Academy Awards, or the Panthère Givrée and Sama necklaces she has worn on multiple occasions? Just this past Monday, the superstar looked gorgeous in Cartier as they unveiled the new Nature Sauvage High Jewelry collection in Vienna.

As the face of the collection and campaign, the actor speaks exclusively to Harper's Bazaar India about the new collection, her favourite pieces, and more.

Harper's Bazaar India: How does the Nature Sauvage collection resonate with you?

Deepika Padukone: The collection presents a theatre of apparitions, where precious animals are parading. It is almost as if the different animal characters in the collection are the actors of the collection, playing with graphics and optical illusions in an imaginary world.

HB: What was your first impression of the collection? What are your favourite pieces?

DP: The collection is impressive and very different from the high jewellery collections that I have discovered in the past. It reveals a variety of animals from Cartier's previous collections, but I didn’t discover (them) before. One of the pendants can be transformed into a turtle brooch. It is very playful; the pieces have some incredible craftsmanship and exceptional stones.

My favourite piece is the Koaga necklace, inspired by the zebra. The zebra really comes to life by the stylised lines of the design and the black and white are contrasted by an impressive pear-shaped rubellite.

HB: Tell us about your experience shooting for the campaign.

DP: Shooting for the Nature Sauvage collection campaign was a lot of fun. I got to interact with unique pieces that were inspired by nature but were made with such modernity and timelessness, which is what I found the most exciting.

HB: How would you define your relationship with jewellery and what does high jewellery mean to you?

DP: Jewellery is an integral part of our culture and heritage and India has so many different kinds of jewellery, so our relationship with it starts young. We grow up watching our mother and grandmother adorning themselves and sometimes that jewellery is passed down through generations. It is not so much about the value or the price but more about the emotion behind the jewellery.

HB: What are some of your earliest memories of jewellery? Do you have any jewellery that holds special memories, a treasure you would never part with?

The earliest memory of jewellery is small pieces that you see your grandmother wearing around her neck or around her wrist or pieces of jewellery that you see your mother wearing to a wedding. You know as a little girl when you see your mother or grandmother getting ready to go out for an event. It forms an impression on you. It is not about the size of the piece but more about the emotion and sentiment around it. 

I have small pieces that have been passed down to me as well as pieces that my mother bought for me when I was getting married. You know in India when you are a baby, they give you a little gold bangle or something to wear around your neck. I still have those pieces and I treasure all of them.

HB: What are your favourite Cartier pieces worn on red carpets or events?

DP: My favourite Cartier piece is the pear-shaped yellow diamond necklace that I wore to the Oscars in 2023. I remember walking into a Cartier boutique a month before the Oscars and setting my eyes on this beautiful piece with a stunning yellow diamond. I made a note of it in my head and then a couple of days later, I got a call to be a presenter at the Oscars. At that moment, I visualised myself on stage and pictured myself wearing this necklace. It was a really special moment, and it all came together so beautifully.

All images: Cartier 

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