Why you need body serums and how to pick the best one for your skin

Your lotion is not doing enough for your skin.

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Think of skincare and we instantly think of all the products we can use for the face; and maybe the neck, with all the newly acquired knowledge of the importance of it. But there is a reason why body serums are all the rage on social media. If you are one of the many whose only body beauty routine is to jump out of the shower and dab on some lotion, here’s your cue to think again. 

Your body needs the same amount of TLC as your face and hair for that confident, nourished glow with a healthy defence barrier; and there is no way your lotion is doing the job. From dry brushing, to body packs and serums—your body needs a multi-step beauty routine of its own. And now that we have aced our facial beauty regime, it is time we move on to understanding body care, starting with serums. 

But, what are body serums? 
Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been advocating for them for years now. Just like the facial counterparts, body serums contain active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, ceramide, exfoliating acids, retinol, and more. You name the concern and you’ll find an active to do the job and a body serum that contains it. It is this high concentration of actives that distinguishes serums from lotions, making them a whole lot more effective, albeit expensive too. 

How do you use body serums?
The same rules as facial serums apply. Use them after cleansing, but before moisturisation. You can opt not to follow up with a moisturiser unless you have very dry skin, because serums can be hydrating on their own. Find the right ingredient for your concern—you know it by now: vitamin C for pigmentation, niacinamide for acne, ceramide and retinol for ageing, lactic acid for that glow, the list goes on—and add it to your skincare routine. But, remember, if you don’t have a concern and are happy with your current skin, the answer to whether you should add body serums to your beauty routine is a no. Follow the golden rule in skincare—prevention is great, but not at the cost of irritating the skin. 

The body serum category is small, but is definitely growing. And with the increasing skincare knowledge, the adoption of intensive body care is not far behind, and with it the products that are on offer. 

For now, here are our favourite picks. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

This serum-in-oil is all the hydration your skin needs, added to vitamin E’s ability to be anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, it helps with sun-damage and antioxidation. With plant-derived hyaluronic acid and raspberry extract, it’s lightweight, fast-absorbing, and suitable for all skin types and age groups. 

RAS Flaunt Anti-Pigmentation Serum

We love love love this one. If you’re worried about pigmentation, you can say bye bye to it already. Antioxidants like grapefruit, mulberry leaf, and vitamins C, A, and E, strengthen skin barrier while the natural AHAs derived from hog plum and orange peel reveal brighter and even toned skin by gentle exfoliation. It's your one-stop solution to brighter skin. 

Pilgrim Squalane Body Serum Lotion Phyto-Retinol & Hyaluronic Acid

With squalane—derived from non-comedogenic olives, hyaluronic acid, and phyto-retinol—a non-irritating plant-based retinol alternative—this formula anti-ages, hydrates, and smoothes. And it is great on the pocket too!

Dermafique Intensive Restore Body Serum


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Repair skin cells and strengthen skin barrier with this one. A powerful vitamin E serum that is sure to hydrate and heal, leaving you with a natural glow. And another one that won’t kill your budget.