The history and benefits of using a kansa wand

Massage your way to glowing skin.

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Long before celebrities, social media and skincare experts around the world started raving about the benefits of running metals and stones over your face (yes, we’re looking at you jade roller and gua sha), Indians were already cued in. In fact, when it comes to facial massage tools, we had the right idea 5,000 years ago. We aren’t exaggerating, it’s a fact. Brings us to Ayurveda’s skincare star—the kansa wand—headlining everywhere. If you’re someone who subscribes to the idea that skincare equals self-care, you need to read this. 

What is a kansa wand? 

Don’t judge the tool by its appearance. It might look like a one-sided dumbbell or a medieval torture device (it’s not) but the host of benefits this magic wand offers will leave you dumbfounded. However, before we get into the how and why of it all, it’s important to talk about the kansa wand’s rich history. 

It’s a wooden-handled dome-shaped tool designed to give your face a natural lift and leave you looking like you live at a spa. The tip is made of kansa metal— an alloy of copper and tin. Kansa, also known as ‘bell metal’ because it’s the same metal that bells and Tibetan gongs are made of, is revered in Ayurvedic texts for its ability to stimulate blood circulation in the face and promote lymphatic drainage that helps remove toxins.   

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What it does for the skin

Back in the day, people would eat food and drink water from utensils made with kansa. They believed that the metal reduced the acid content in the food and water making it easier on our internal system. Eventually, they realised that using the metal directly on the skin was extremely beneficial as well. 

You see, skin that has a high acid content or just generally has a pH imbalance is usually sensitive and is susceptible to inflammation and breakouts. It also displays signs of premature ageing. This is countered by the kansa wand which is an expert at balancing the pH level of the skin. It reduces puffiness, improves the skin’s texture, and fights off signs of ageing. It also drains the lymph nodes and removes all the built-up toxins. This stimulates blood flow and the fresh oxygenated blood that helps bring that 100-watt glow we’re all after. And it doesn’t end there. The sculpting pattern that the wand is used in also results in sculpted features. It helps chisel the jawline and cheekbone while working on toning the cheek muscles. Remember when we told you it was a magic wand? We didn’t lie. 

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How to use a kansa wand  

The first rule of using a kansa wand is to always pair it with a serum. If you can get a serum that offers the same anti-ageing and rejuvenating benefits as this tool, even better. Once you massage the serum in, start moving the wand in circular motions around your eyes, in an ‘8’ shape on your forehead and upward strokes across the jawline and cheekbones. Use firm and deep strokes to optimise the wand’s benefits.  

At any point, if you see greyness appearing on your face, don’t be alarmed. It means that the kansa wand is working its magic. The colour appears when the metal reacts with the acid content of the skin. It indicates the release of blockages and impurities from the skin. Once you are through, simply use a gentle cleanser to wash off the greyness.