4 beauty resolutions to make in 2024 for glowing skin and happy hair

From hydration hacks to mindful choices, make 2024 the year of radiant, consistent self-care

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Stepping into 2024 is like starting a new chapter—a chance to rewrite your skincare story. Beyond the typical "new year, new me" mantra, it's time to build a beauty regime that's not just about appearance but a commitment to self-care. This year isn't just about trends; it's about nurturing your skin with timeless care that leaves you feeling confident. It's about making and keeping up with promises that are effective, essential, and rooted in feeling good from inside. Here are some common expert-backed tips and a guide on how to keep up with them, so that you can look beyond a skincare routine and engage in a lifestyle that nurtures your skin's natural glow.

Stay Hydrated, Inside and Out

You have read and heard enough about how hydration is the cornerstone of healthy, radiant skin, and as many times as you may have heard this, it’s still common to skip on those litres during a busy day. Set periodic alarms to remind you to hydrate or invest in a Pinterest-inspired tumbler that has hourly markings to keep you motivated. 

Also, remember, it's not just about reaching for a glass of water; it's about a holistic approach. Incorporate hydrating skincare products like serums and moisturisers that lock in moisture, keeping your skin plump and dewy.

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In addition, remember that your hair craves hydration too. Moisture keeps hair strong, flexible, and less prone to breakage. It maintains the hair’s elasticity, preventing dryness, frizz, and damage. Hydrated hair means fewer split ends and greater resilience against environmental stressors, a fundamental aspect of healthy hair.

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Moisturise often, Including the Often-Skipped Areas

Constant moisturising goes without saying. Dr Priti Shenai of Skinworks Clinic says, “Look for a moisturiser with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or ceramides. SPF protection, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free formulation, and skin-specific benefits ensure effectiveness and compatibility with your skin type.”

Most importantly, while facial moisturising is common, don't forget to extend that love to overlooked areas like your neck, elbows, and feet. Invest in hydrating creams that focus on these regions.


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Always Double Cleanse, Your Skin And Hair

Just simple cleansing is no longer enough with the increasing pollution and the erratic weather. Double cleansing is a must. Start with an oil-based cleanser to break down make-up, sunscreen, and impurities, and follow up with a gentle foaming or cream cleanser to ensure a deep clean without stripping away the skin's natural oils. This ritual ensures a clean canvas for your skincare products to work effectively. Some of the cleansing products we swear by include the Good Grease Cleansing Balm by d’you and the Deep Cleanser by Ilem Japan.

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Gentle double cleansing is a great step to add to your hair care routine, too. Though not necessary every time you shampoo, it is necessary to give your scalp that thorough cleanse once in a while. Start with a gentle clarifying shampoo and follow it up with a moisturising one. This method efficiently removes product build-up, pollutants, and oils, while retaining essential moisture. It prevents residue accumulation, allowing subsequent treatments to penetrate deeply, promoting healthier, more manageable hair without stripping its natural oils.


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Maximise Beauty Sleep

There's truth behind the term "beauty sleep." Your skin regenerates and repairs while you sleep, so prioritise quality snooze time. Create a calming bedtime routine and consider silk pillowcases to prevent sleep lines and hair breakage. Dr Chytra V Anand says, "Skimping on sleep can lead to a tired, lacklustre complexion and speed up the ageing process. To harness the full power of your beauty sleep, aim for seven to eight hours each night, indulge in a calming pre-sleep routine, and consider skin-friendly accessories like silk pillowcases to enhance the skin’s ability to heal. Take magnesium supplements if you are older than 35 to boost your sleep quality.


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Make Mindful Product Choices

When it comes to skincare and beauty, being mindful of what you’re applying makes all the difference. Choosing products mindfully includes scanning the list of ingredients for potential irritants or allergens. Do your own research beyond what celebs or influencers tout, because what works for them might not suit your skin! Also, remember to throw out old and expired make-up. It's necessary to Marie Kondo your make-up bags once in a while. Streamline your collection to keep it fresh, effective, and kinder to your skin.

By embracing these resolutions, you're investing in the health and radiance of your skin. Consistency and commitment to these habits will undoubtedly pay off, making 2024 your year of glowing, healthy skin.