From jade to gua sha—4 beauty tools that work miracles for the face

You’ve heard of some, now discover them all and which one to buy in India.

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Whether it’s de-puffing the morning face, targeting fine lines, reducing the appearance of pores, tightening, or finding that much needed glow—we’ve all heard the benefits of adding beauty tools to our routines. Sure, they are not essential, some may even call them money quenchers, but find the right one and they could be a perfect complement to your skincare routine. And, if the flawless Korean skin is any evidence, these tools have been an integral part of the beauty regimes in Asian cultures—jade being used for its magnesium, iron, and calcium properties that help get rid of internal toxins and re-activate bodily rhythms; gua sha being used to massage the face to relieve tension and improve lymphatic drainage and improve circulation.  

In fact, you don’t have to limit yourself to one.  

An eclectic mix of a few to use interchangeably is arguably the best way to get the glassy skin we all crave, and here are our top picks, and might we add must haves, for targeted results. And with their soothing and calming properties, they are perfect for that self-care pamper session to end the day. 

Convinced yet? But before picking the one (or ones) for you, make sure to hydrate your skin with your favourite serums and moisturisers! You don’t want to be gliding the tools on dry skin. It could do more harm than good. So, slather on some hydration and get going with these four tools that offer answers to your varied skincare concerns.  

Face Rituals’ Rose Quartz Roller

Get the blood circulation going with this one.

Price: ₹3190

The Rolling Concept Gua Sha

You might want to add this for those sculpted jaws and cheekbones.

Price: ₹1799

House of Beauty Steel Ice Roller

There’s nothing more you to depuff in the morning, or even calm down that irritated skin.

Price: ₹1599

Dromen & Co. Jade Beauty Bar

Get your glow on with this one!

Price: ₹1999 

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