Follow these simple steps to minimise your pores at home

Obsess over your pores no more.

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One of the most common skincare questions asked is—how do I get rid of my pores? Well, the simple answer is, you can’t. Pores play an important role in helping our body release sebum (in moderate quantities, it’s not the villain) to keep our skin supple and naturally hydrated. And while all skin types are gorgeous, we fully understand how open pores scattered across our nose, cheeks, and forehead can be bothersome. Who doesn’t want their skin to be as smooth and radiant as a baby’s bottom? And the presence of visibly large pores hinders that. 

The good news is, even though you can’t fully get rid of your pores, there are ways to minimise them, and we will tell you how. 

Double cleanse  

Double cleansing is a skincare trend that is here to stay. As the name suggests, it’s a two-step cleansing process. Start with a cleansing balm or an oil or gel-based cleanser (depending on your skin type). This helps break down the excess sebum, make-up and other impurities that attach themselves to your face through the course of the day. The next step is washing your face with a mild face wash.

You see, your pores are surrounded by blood vessels that dilate with sweat, leftover products, and other pollutants, which causes them to be more visible. However, the double cleansing technique ensures nothing is congesting your pores, and the products used during your nighttime routine get absorbed better.  

Ingredients to keep in mind  

Any targeting skincare routine starts with you reading labels before making any purchases. If your aim is minimising your pores, you need to be on the look out for AHAs (glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and lactic acid), BHAs ( salicylic acid), niacinamide, and retinol. 

AHAs and BHAs are masters at dissolving the glue that holds dead cells together. These are the same dead cells that clog your pores and make them large and visible. However, while AHAs can only micro-exfoliate the surface of your skin, BHAs dive deeper and clear out the build-up inside your pores. 
One of the most studied ingredients, niacinamide is a skincare wonder. From evening out your skin texture to hydration, it helps with most concerns. Among its numerous powers, niacinamide also aids in controlling sebum production and boosts collagen production, both of which are essential to decrease the appearance of enlarged pores. 

Lastly, we have retinol. Chances are you’ve heard of this anti-ageing superstar and it has already found a permanent spot in your routine. Its long list of benefits includes stimulating cell turnover and collagen production. This helps to tighten the pore structure in mature skin making them less visible. 

A word of caution: All these active ingredients come with their own set of rules. Overusing any of them can irritate your skin. So, if you’re just introducing your skin to any of them, start with a small dose and build your way up.  

Clay masks are your friend  

Your weekly at-home spa days just got more fun. You see, clay masks have one job—to draw out all the bacteria, build-up, sebum, and excess oil that’s sitting on your face and not letting your pores breathe and stretching them out.  

Unless you have oil dripping from your face, applying a clay mask once a week is more than enough. Any more and you will strip your skin dry and damage your moisture barrier. 

Invest in an ice roller  

If you’ve watched videos of celebrities dunking their heads in a bowl full of ice water and wondered why, you’re not alone. However, as it turns out there is some merit to it. Using an ice roller every night after cleansing and before dousing your face in serums has immediate results. It reduces redness and puffiness, and constricts your pores. Add one to your routine, you won’t regret it.