Beauty resolutions for 2023 that you ought to keep

Take your pick or follow them all.

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You might’ve already made your resolutions for this year. And you might’ve already broken them. Whether you decided to work out more or to save up for the car you’ve been eyeing, you also need a few beauty resolutions that will help you take care of yourself better. Scroll down to know some easy-breezy skincare and beauty promises you can make yourself this year. These will have your face, skin, and hair thanking you in no time.   

Read labels before buying skincare products  

Make this a thumb rule. Always read labels before buying skincare products. You need to know what you’re applying to your face and what those ingredients actually do. See whether the product is fragranced and if it has active ingredients and what those ingredients actually do. This is especially important for those with sensitive skin or other concerns like hyperpigmentation and acne. Never buy a product without knowing what it exactly does.   

Remove makeup before bed   

No one is saying you mandatorily need a 12-step nighttime skincare routine. However, the bare basic that you can do is take off your day’s makeup before getting into bed. Sleeping with makeup on blocks your pores, which prevents your skin from repairing itself. So, whether you’ve had a long day at work or you’re too inebriated, just make it a point (a resolution) to always cleanse your face.   

Stop popping pimples  

Yes, the urge to burst that gigantic pimple is overwhelming. However, we are sure your own experience has taught you that it leaves behind a crater-like nasty scar. Not only that, when you squeeze a pimple, it can push the bacteria and pus further into your skin leading to more redness and pimples. It’s a vicious cycle. One that you must break this year. Make it your beauty motto to leave that pimple alone.   

Wash makeup brushes regularly  

Washing your makeup brushes may seem like a chore, one that can easily be procrastinated, but putting it off for a long time leads to the growth of bacteria, which in turn leads to pimples and skin infections. So, every seven to 10 days give them a good scrubbing. Start by rinsing the brushes in lukewarm water and then washing them with a cleanser or soap. Rinse and repeat the process a few times to ensure that all the makeup residue is out. Once you’re sure your brushes are sparkly clean, dry them upside down to get all the water out without damaging the bristles.   

Prioritise scalp care   

Do you remember when your mother would make you sit kicking and screaming so she could oil your hair? Do you remember letting go of that habit as you grew up? We’re here to tell you that your mother was right. We give too much importance to our hair strands and often forget that our scalp also needs some TLC.