Are skincare fridges worth the buy in the Indian summer?

Unlocking the secret behind the beauty trend that has taken over our Instagram feeds!

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If you're someone who's always on the hunt for the next big thing in the beauty industry, you might have heard of skincare fridges and seen enough of the very satisfying Instagram reels of people stocking them up. The idea behind them is simple enough—to keep your products cool and fresh, which is said to keep their composition intact. But before you think it’s all eyewash, consider our Indian summers, which can be brutal—think of the gooey concealers, melting lipsticks, and runny creams. Could these fridges then be worth the buy? Let's investigate!

What is a skincare/beauty fridge?

Picture this: a mini fridge that's reserved exclusively for your precious skincare products! It's called a skincare fridge, and it's basically a tiny wonderland that keeps your lotions and potions cooled to perfection. Not only does it make your skincare routine feel oh-so-fancy, but it also helps soothe and refresh your skin while making your product composition stay intact. Bonus points: if you're prone to puffy or sensitive skin, the cool temperature can be a lifesaver, helping to reduce inflammation and giving you that "ahh" feeling. And if you're tired of those pesky dark circles and under-eye bags, a chilled eye cream is here to save the day. Cheers to a cool and refreshing skincare routine!

Why can't you keep your skincare in your regular fridge?

Do you know how you don't want your moisturiser to smell like your grandma's curry? Well, that's where a skincare-only fridge comes in handy! Unlike your regular fridge, which has all sorts of food items, a skincare fridge keeps your products safe from contamination and food smells. Plus, the temperatures on a skincare fridge are not the same as a regular fridge, which tends to be cooler adjusts to regular opening and closing differently. 

Are there any actual skincare benefits to keeping products in a fridge?
For starters, chilling your skincare can do wonders for your skin. Not only does it help stabilise active ingredients, but it also soothes and calms irritated skin. Plus, it gives you an added cooling effect that feels oh-so-refreshing!

If you're a fan of sheet masks, try popping them in the fridge before using them. Trust us, it'll take your masking game to the next level. And don't forget to roll a cool jade roller on top for some extra skin comfort and lymphatic drainage. Not only that, but exposing your skin to cooler temperatures can actually help with exfoliation and removing dead skin cells. So, if you're looking for a quick pick-me-up after a hot and sweaty workout, store your toner or thermal spa water in the fridge for a refreshing boost. Go ahead, give your skincare routine a chill pill and enjoy the benefits of a cool and revitalised complexion!

That said, let's get to the important question. 

Is a skincare fridge really worth investing?
In Indian summers, where temperatures can soar, using a skincare fridge can be beneficial. Especially if you are an actives person, because ingredients such as Vitamin C or retinoids can break down quickly when exposed to heat. Of course, if you are in temperate climates, you could avoid the expense, because your skincare won’t be susceptible to temperature changes.

Moreover, it is essential to keep in mind that not all skincare products need to be stored in the fridge. Generally, water-based products like toners and serums benefit the most from refrigeration, while oil-based products like face oils and cleansers are better kept at room temperature.

In essence, a skincare fridge can be a useful tool for keeping your skincare products fresh and effective, especially during the hot summer months in India. However, is it downright essential? There are considerations to that, although if you are boiling in anything above 30° Celsius, it could be a good investment. And, if you do decide to invest in a skincare fridge, make sure to store only those products that benefit from refrigeration—and don’t forget to stack in all the gua shas and jade rollers! 

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