A round-up of the most viral beauty trends we saw in 2023

From strawberry make-up to red nails, these trends have enhanced our routines and elevated our looks.

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The beauty universe in 2023 grew by leaps and bounds. The spotlight was on multi-tasking products, various active ingredients, and trends that blew us away. From Hailey Bieber's strawberry girl aesthetic and the purge of our skincare routines with skin minimalism to the return of red pout, it has been an intriguing year. And even though, it might be ending, who is to say that these trends will not be carried forward? Having said that, we've rounded up some of the most viral beauty trends we saw in 2023. Some of these have enhanced our skincare and make-up routines and made them simpler yet more efficient. Take a look and bookmark the ones you're yet to try out! 

Strawberry make-up    

Hailey Bieber is to beauty what the Kardashian-Jenner clan is to fashion. She was responsible for popularising one of our generation's most prolific trends—the glazed doughnut. We say this because this trend spawned numerous others like skin cycling and skin flooding. Similarly, Bieber also played a huge role in establishing the strawberry make-up trend. 

This involves keeping your base muted and natural while using hues of pink and red on the cheek, lips, and eyelids to add a subtle pop of colour, and rounding off the look with glossy lips. This look was created and recreated worldwide and became one of 2023's most talked-about beauty trends. 

Skin minimalism  

When it comes to skincare trends, skin minimalism was hands down one of the most popular ones this year. It’s all about eliminating the copious steps and products in your skincare routine without compromising the results. Based on the ‘less is more’ philosophy, this trend reminds us that we don’t need three serums and various actives in our routine to get results. It takes us back to the basics—cleanser, toner, exfoliant (once or twice a week), moisturiser, a targetted active, sunscreen (for the day), and lip balm. As long as you invest in quality products that treat your face with love and care, you don’t need an elaborate 12-step skincare routine to achieve your skin goals. 


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Latte make-up   

When latte make-up first appeared on the scene, everyone assumed it was one of those one-hot-minute trends. No one expected it to have the impact it did. But in a short span, everyone on social media was recreating this look. It even led to a latte nail trend (no complaints here!). It’s all about curating a look with hints of brown, beige, and cream on a neutral-toned and slightly bronzed base. Think nude brown lips, a brown-hued soft brown blush, and brown (shimmer optional) eye shadow. Without the conventional touch of pink and red tints, this make-up look is the perfect balance of refreshing chic and glam. 

Glass skin   

In 2023, the previously coveted matte look took a backseat. It was all about adapting K-beauty trends that accentuated one’s features without heavy-handed make-up. That is where glass skin comes in. The key to this trend was not how you apply make-up but the kind of products you use. For instance, instead of a full or medium-coverage foundation, opt for a lightweight, hydrating tinted moisturiser that will give a plump or glowing look. 

Monochromatic make-up  

Monochromatic make-up is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. But if you haven’t heard of it, don’t let the term ‘monochromatic’ fool you into believing it’s bland. It’s about creating a harmonious look by using shades of the same colour family that just blend seamlessly. The beauty of this trend is that you can play it up or down, and it will never fail you. And there is no limit to what you can create. From soft pinks to edgy browns, this is a great trend for make-up newbies to follow to achieve some versatile yet effortless looks. 

The red nail theory   

The red nail theory is one of the most recent trends to crop up on our feeds. Generally speaking though, the colour red made a huge comeback in the beauty universe. From bold red lipsticks to vampy nails, the colour was a celebrity favourite this year. However, the red nail theory goes above and beyond this and has a very psychological reasoning behind it. Red nails have always been a symbol of confidence and self-expression. If you prefer red nails, you’re telling people that you aren’t afraid to let your girl-boss side out. Red is often associated with power, love, and fire energy, and people across social media are using red-hued nails to manifest all of this.  

Skin flooding   

There is no space for dry skin in 2023. At least not with a technique (note, we didn’t say trend because it is so much more) like skin flooding around. It’s a true skincare game-changer. It’s about hydrating your skin by layering on products like moisturisers and serums that supply your skin with all the moisture it needs and then some to leave it plump, radiant, and hydrated. 

Muted make-up   

Forgive us, we know this trend should be much higher up on the list, considering how it has completely taken over the beauty circle, but here we are. Muted make-up doesn’t mean using less product. It means using skin-friendly products to accentuate your natural beauty. This trend has taught us to embrace our flaws and recognise our skin’s concerns. To achieve this look, keep your base neutral and light, slightly playing up your cheeks (we’re talking about the coveted flushed look), and seal the look with nude-ish lipstick.