How beauty journalist Vasudha Rai thinks you should adopt holistic beauty

In a conversation with Bazaar India, she talks about her new audiobook, 'The Book of Holistic Beauty', which takes listeners on a transformative wellness journey.


In the pursuit of beauty, it’s crucial to recognise that true radiance extends beyond superficial appearances. Wellness being a big theme in 2024, experts say it is much more than just physical fitness. Vasudha Rai, who has worked as a beauty editor for renowned publications, has come up with her new audiobook titled The Book of Holistic Beauty—a 360-degree approach to skincare. “It was an opportunity for me to create a brand new kind of content, which is an audiobook. I was also intrigued that Audible wanted me to write a skincare bible of sorts based on my experiences as a beauty journalist for over 20 years. That sealed the deal for me,” Vasudha tells Bazaar India.

We have all heard that it is important to nurture your skin inside and out. But what is the concept of holistic beauty? In her book, Vasudha explains the interconnectedness of internal and external factors that contribute to our overall well-being. She is not merely repeating what health and skincare experts say. This audiobook is a deep dive into her personal journey wherein Vasudha shares the challenges she faced and the valuable lessons she learned. This approach not only adds credibility to her insights but also provides a unique opportunity for listeners to glean wisdom from her first-hand experience.

Well, the main research had already happened with decades of writing on beauty,” says Vasudha. “The challenge was to present this information in a way that was simplified and cohesive. Therefore, we divided the chapters according to the broad basics.” There are a total of 12 chapters, and it may take you three to four hours to complete but Vasudha, with her interesting insights, makes it worth it!

Good skin is just a bonus of good health, believes Vasudha. She stresses that food, sleep, laughter, and peace along with activities like yoga enhance the overall quality of life and make your skin glow. She also says that no two bodies are the same and one should eat what suits their gut, as gut health is something that cannot be ignored. However, she makes it clear that one should allow themselves some pleasure to make life worth living.

The audiobook is peppered with some thoughtful advice like mind and body should be treated as a singular unit as they both affect each other; reduce and add one thing every month, don’t try too many changes together. She answers many common but infrequently asked questions like how our relationships impact beauty or how one should navigate the world of information and come up with their own beauty routine.

For those looking to reset this year and find answers to questions about beauty, Vasudha has truly served it on a silver platter! 

This article originally appeared in Harper's Bazaar India January-February 2024 print issue

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