What is the cloud skin make-up technique and here’s how to get it right

Your instant hack for a dewy glow-up!

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I am someone who absolutely loves hydration and moisture. You will see me religiously applying my face oil after every wash, and at no given point in the day will you find my lips chapped because of the umpteen number of times I apply lip balm (my best friend has counted up to 16 times in one night). I genuinely believe that the dewy make-up look has been the best thing to happen to humanity. But here’s the thing—you cannot always have your face oiled up like Kelso Jr flaunts his body in That 90s Show. For starters, it doesn’t look great on video calls.

This is why sometimes it’s better to tone things down and ditch the illuminator for some soft focus on your face. The cloud skin technique is all about giving your face a natural-looking glow-from-within…except that it is not natural. You can get that look by using make-up products that make you look like you’ve just got out of the most refreshing shower of your life. 

Here’s how you can get cloud skin.

Skincare, skincare, skincare

The best part about this make-up technique is that it involves a lot of skin prep (yes, it’s a good thing you make-up-holics!). The first step is to make your skin look as plump as possible. Wash your face with a hydrating cleanser, pat it dry and apply a serum on your skin. The entire purpose of the cloud skin is to slow down and enjoy the process as much as the final result. So take your time to massage the serum into your face, so the pores can truly feel nourished and your skin feels rejuvenated with the amped-up blood circulation. 

Mix textures 


Generally, you’d use one primer all over your face but not in the cloud skin technique. Here, you must use a mattifying primer on areas that tend to get oily. Once that is done, use any light, airy or mousse-like foundation (but don’t do make-up frothing, it’s harmful!) and start applying it, going from the centre of your face. Use a fluffy makeup brush to sort of just stain your skin with foundation. This will help you get a plump look, without making your skin excessively oily. 

Don’t skip powder

Usually, I’d recommend using setting powder only on areas such as your under-eye, nose, and forehead to maintain a nice dewy look, but in the cloud skin technique, you will also need to dab powder on the hollows of your cheeks to add dimension and a soft-focus on your face. Some people also dab a little moisturising concealer on top of it and blend it with a fluffy brush before finally topping it with some more powder. The idea is to give your face a strategic blend of moisture and matte.



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To get an angelic glow, dab some translucent highlighter on your cheeks, eyes and cupid’s bow. To add some colour, you can apply just a little blush on the out corner of your cheeks. Now blend, blend and blend; there shouldn’t be any harsh lines!

Skip the liner but don’t skimp on the lip tint

Cloud skin technique is all about having a natural look. Now I understand nobody should be assuming you have shimmery skin naturally, but having kohl-lined eyes is taking it a bit far. Keep your eyes clean but you can use a little bit of clear mascara and eyebrow gel. Finally, take some lip tint and dab it on your lips gently. You can add lip balm to the picture, too!