In pursuit of tomes: 5 books that need to be on your coffee table

Flip through these five aesthetically pleasing books for ever growing design inspiration.

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There is nothing like an evening of coffee and conversations, and when it is centered around books, does one need anything more? Stir up some invigorating notes with these coffee table books that transcend genres and are likely to spark the most interesting chats. 

The World of Ornament by David Batterham

The World of Ornament brings together the greatest design encyclopedias of the 19th century: Auguste Racinet’s L’Ornement polychrome Volumes I and II (1875–1888) and Auguste Dupont-Auberville’s L’Ornement des tissus (1877), into one ultimate sourcebook. Expertly tracing ornament designs in history from classical, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Asian and Middle Eastern, as well as European designs from medieval times through the 19th century, it is filled with rich illustrations and thorough descriptions. Spanning patterns in jewellery, tile, stained glass, illuminated manuscript, textile, and ceramic ornament, this one is a delightful source of inspiration, knowledge and discovery.

Living In Morocco by Barbara & René Stoeltie

Living in Morocco is a beautifully curated collection of eclectic homes across the exotic country. A mystical place that is best known for its alluring souks, these homes are a blissful retreat from the bustling life that surround them. Featuring 500 pages of distinctly Moroccan wonders, one cannot help but fall in love with the lavish gardens, wooden furniture, jade-coloured marble fountains, and tiled, turquoise swimming pools. A fascinating read, it offers a look into the other side of Morocco we never imagined.

Jacques Grange: Recent Work by Pierre Passebon, Photographs by François Halard

Jacques Grange: Recent Work is a homage to the latest works of the legendary Parisian interior designer whose award-winning career spans over 50 years. A true visionary, he has designed the homes of celebrities, collectors, and fashion experts. This volume covers Jacques’ newest projects; and each of the awe-inspiring design wonders explore his signature style that seamlessly mixes old-world charm with contemporary aesthetics. From a mid-century modern house to a private mansion in Paris, this striking collection truly captivates the imagination.

Louis Vuitton Manufactures by Nicholas Foulke

Louis Vuitton Manufactures is a stately compendium of the luxury fashion house’s ateliers across the world. The historic locations are handpicked by the design house not just for their beautiful and inspiring surroundings, but also their regional expertise and artisanal excellence. Comprising 350 pages of a beautiful archival and all-new original photographs, it depicts how these global artisans meticulously handcraft each of their wares, from classic trunks, to fine watches. Dedicated to the craftsmen and ateliers, this chic addition to the coffee table will not ever go out of style.

Built To Inspire: Contemporary Homes by The World’s Great Architects by Philip Jodidio

Built to Inspire by renowned architectural writer Philip Jodidio showcases the top 26 most innovative residential homes across the world. Designed by the greatest, from Zaha Hadid to Selldorf Architects, these stunning contemporary homes have been mindfully built to incorporate sustainability, landscape, and the environment. Philip delves deep into the relationship between the architecture and the intentions of the design for those who live there.

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Note: This article first appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Interiors Summer 2022 issue.