7 sustainable yoga mats made for the eco-warrior in you

Try these biodegradable and non-toxic yoga mats for a fitter, cleaner conscience.

When we say yoga, ‘destructive plastics’ is probably the last thing that comes to mind. But the truth is, your mindful practice may be harming your body as well as the planet. Regular yoga mats are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which contains dangerous chemical additives that can pose health risks in the long run, especially for children. In addition, PVC production is infamous for polluting the air and water with harmful chemicals. All in all, it is one of the most environmentally-damaging plastics. 

Luckily, ethical homegrown brands are introducing a more conscientious way of practising your asanas with eco-friendly alternatives. From natural rubber to jute substitutes, Bazaar India presents a selection of the best sustainable yoga mats to choose from. 

Sahasrara hemp yoga mat by Shakti Warrior

image: shakti__warrior/Instagram

Started by a Delhi-based mother-daughter duo in 2017, this eco-conscious brand offers a range of biodegradable activewear and yoga accessories. Among them is a 100% eco-friendly Sahasrara hemp yoga mat that’s made with plant-based and vegan products. Its hemp padding offers you the optimal grip needed to perform advanced poses and cushions your joints through floor-based movements. 

INR 4,900

The Divine Lotus mat by Yoga Essentials

image: yogaessentialsindia/Instagram

This biodegradable mat is designed to be gentle on your skin. It features an inspiring design, an all-natural tree rubber base, and a complimentary strap. This odourless, toxin-free yoga mat is also washable, making it far more hygienic than PVC mats. 

INR 3,749

Bengal mat by Proyog

image: proyog/Instagram

Started by four Bengaluru-based yoga practitioners, this award-winning homegrown brand is on a mission to save yoga from plastic. Their non-slip Bengal mat is made from unadulterated natural rubber and jute, which gives it a great grip and makes it more durable than regular yoga mats. It is chemical-free, toxin-free, and recyclable to the boot. 

INR 4,499

Dharini Water Hyacinth yoga mat by Okhai

image: okhai_org / Instagram

Handcrafted by artisans from remote corners of the country, this sustainable yoga mat is made from water hyacinth, which is an aquatic plant often used to make textiles and basket weaves. It is designed with side borders and a soft weave which ensures you have a non-slip grip, even while performing the most dynamic movements. 

INR 2,150

Digvijaya mat by Dvaar

image: dvaar.orgg/Instagram

Handwoven by local craftsmen, the Digvijaya mat is a unique blend of banana fibre, cotton, and natural rubber. Banana stems are usually discarded after they have borne fruit. At Dvaar, this waste residue is turned into a sustainable yoga mat by weaving banana fibre with cotton. The hand-washable mat also features a rubberised back for a powerful grip. 

INR 3,050

Masu Tattva mat by Masu Sustainable Living

image: masusustainableliving/Instagram

Made from natural jute and lined with cotton borders and a base, this earthy yoga mat offers superior cushioning and a firm grip. Unlike PVC mats, this jute mat has antibacterial properties which prevent sweat and germ build-up over time. 

INR 1,699

Cork yoga mat by Kaashi Wellness

image: kaashiwellness/Instagram

Kaashi Wellness, founded by Neha Ahuja, works with yogis and artisans from the National Association for the Blind to design natural and sustainable yoga products. Their cork yoga mat is made from natural cork which comes from the outer bark of oak trees, and rubber. The antimicrobial surface is sweat-absorbing, anti-skid, and easy on the joints.

INR 4,299