Want a dose of artistic inspiration? These 8 destinations need to be on your travel itinerary

Explore, Create, Inspire: Embark on a journey of discovery across the globe.


Whether you're a seasoned artist seeking fresh inspiration or an enthusiast craving cultural enrichment, the globe offers an array of destinations that ignite the imagination and stir the soul. From the historic streets of Paris to the colourful markets of Jaipur, each locale possesses its own unique allure, beckoning travellers to uncover the wonders of artistic expression. And in a world full of creativity but daily lives that feel more devoid of it than true, travel offers an inroad, a steering and awakening that can bring back the creative landscape of your minds and souls. 

Here are some destinations you've obviously heard of, but perhaps need a reminder for. 

Florence, Italy
The city is a living museum of unparalleled beauty and artistic genius, also known for being the birthplace of the Renaissance. The streets showcase works by renowned artists such as Michelangelo, Boticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci, while iconic landmarks like the Uffizi Gallery and the Florence Cathedral stand as testaments to it’s cultural significance. Art is woven into the fabric of the city, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its beauty and history. 

Must visit: Guinti Odeon

Paris, France
Experience the enchantment of Paris, known as the city of art, where romance and creativity infuse every aspect. Discover the iconic Louvre, housing the mysterious Mona Lisa, take inspiration from the writing community at Shakespeare & Co, or meander through the picturesque alleys of Montmarte, once favoured by renowned artists like Picasso and Van Gogh.

Must Visit: Make sure you catch the screening of Phantom of The Opera at The Palais Garnier, skip the Notre Dame and make your way for the gothic style Sainte-Chapelle. 

Tokyo, Japan
Explore the vibrant blend of old and new in Tokyo, imagine historic temples harmonised with cutting-edge skyscrapers. Tokyo’s artistic landscape extends beyond galleries and theatres, permeating everyday life through it’s architecture, fashion, and culinary scene. Experience the creativity of Roppongi’s contemporary art scene, partake in serene traditional tea ceremonies, or marvel at the stunning cherry blossoms during springtime. Tokyo’s artistic essence is not just about consumption but also about active participation, inviting visitors to engage with it’s creative spirit in myriad ways.

Must Visit: Pigment—an art store/laboratory that also offers courses and workshops.

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul is an artistic hub where centuries of cultural heritage fuel creativity, with iconic landmarks like the architectural marvel  Blue Mosque. Wander through bustling markets and art galleries in Beyoglu, experience traditional Turkish music and dance performances, or appreciate the intricate craftsmanship of Ottoman calligraphy and ceramics. 

Must visit: For turkish art from the Ottoman to the modern periods, do visit Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum.

Vienna, Austria 
 Vienna is an incredible artistic haven, where centuries of cultural richness come together to inspire creativity, with stunning landmarks like the Schonbrunn Palace and the Vienna State Opera showcasing magnificent architecture, alongside lively art scenes in districts such as Neubau and Leopoldstadt. Immerse yourself in the opulent ambience of the soul stirring classical music concerts, the city presents a wide array of artistic experiences. 

Must visit: The State Opera House, Vienna

Jaipur, India
Celebrated for its abundant artistic heritage, with magnificent architecture and intricate handicrafts, the city offers a diverse range of artistic encounters for tourists. The grand forts and palaces such as Amber Fort and City Palace exhibit remarkable craftsmanship and detailed workmanship. Jaipur’s bustling markets are filled with vibrant textiles, pottery, jewellery, and handmade items, showcasing the city’s artistic essence. Moreover, numerous art galleries in Jaipur display both traditional and contemporary works by local and national artists. Whether admiring its architectural wonders or indulging in its lively arts and crafts scene, the city never ceases to enchant visitors with it’s artistic allure.

Must visit: The city’s annual literature festival aka Jaipur Literature Festival and the City Palace. 

Barcelona, Spain
Creativity flows through its streets and seeps into every corner. From the awe-inspiring architecture of Antoni Gaudi to the vibrant street art adorning its walls, Barcelona beckons to artists and art enthusiasts alike with it’s rich cultural heritage and dynamic contemporary scene. Visitors can explore neighbourhoods like El Raval and El Born where galleries studios and cultural centres abound, fostering creativity and innovation. Whether you are wandering through the Gothic Quarter or attending performance at the Liceu Opera House, Barcelona captivates with its artistic energy and diversity.

Must visit: The Museu Picasso, a must visit for art lovers, showcasing an extensive collection of Pablo Picasso’s works.

New York, United States of America
Internationally known for its thriving artistic community, attracting artists and admirers alike to its lively cultural landscape with world famous institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Vibrant street art scenes thrive in neighbourhoods such as Bushwick and Williamsburg. New York continues to be a premier destination for those seeking artistic engagement.

Must Visit: Metropolitan Museum of Art

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