Sexual wellness trends that are sure to get you excited

It’s all about optimising pleasure and discovering yourself.


Let’s start with some hard facts, shall we? According to research, the global sexual wellness market is expected to reach $125 billion by 2026. Need a minute to lift your jaw off the floor? In 2022, sexual wellness is seen less as a topic that people shy away from and more as a form of self-care.

From looking for eco-friendly intimacy products and educating yourself through sexual wellness apps, to indulging in sensory sex, we’ve curated a list of sexual wellness trends that you need to keep an eye on. If you haven’t been already, that is.

You can thank us later.

Self pleasure

Okay, masturbation is not a 2022 concept. But it is more demystified now than ever. It’s considered to be a form of self-love; literally and figuratively. And we say this not only for someone experiencing the slippery slope of puberty but adults, too. A 2022 study of four European countries found that among adults aged 60 to 75, 41 to 65 per cent of men and 27 to 40 per cent of women reported masturbating during the previous month.

This year self-pleasure has taken a seat front and centre. 

Sexual wellness apps

We live in a digital world. This means that there is an app for everything. This includes more than a few that help you optimise your sex life and educate yourself. Check out:

ThatMate: Helps teenagers make safe choices about puberty, relationships, self-image concerns and more. This platform offers counselling sessions and workshops conducted by trained professionals.

Janani: Offers solutions and information on reproductive and sexual wellness. From PCOD and lifestyle disorders to low sperm count, this app allows you to recognise your condition and make appointments with medical experts.

Kama: Their aim is to transform how we feel pleasure and its role in our wellbeing. Their holistic approach combines scientific learning around neuroplasticity with psychosexual therapy, somatic awareness, and ancient wisdom.

Of course, there are numerous more options. If you are ever confused, pick an app that works with medical experts and licensed therapists or sexologists.


Again, just to clarify, this is not a new term or concept. But as our understanding of sexualities and gender fluidity evolves, we see the spectrum more clearly than ever. With this though, the lines between cishet and LGBTQ+ are blurring. That’s where hetroflexibility comes into play. It means that you can be predominantly straight but are still capable of having a same-sex relationship or a relationship with any number of genders. Basically, you’re straight but don’t adhere to the inflexibility of conventional straightness. If this sounds familiar and you’re relating harder than ever, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. 

Sustainable sex products

While we understand that biodegradability or the material of a sex accessory is not the foremost thing on someone’s mind while they are using it, it can’t hurt to plan ahead. From condoms and lubes, to vibrators, are all made from non-eco-friendly materials; our sex life isn’t as much fun for the environment as it is for us. 

Thankfully, the sex products industry is now brimming with options that are easier on Mother Nature and have the ability to leave us toe-curled tingly. Win-win, yes? Brands like Blush Novelties have created a vibrator from bioplastic, PeeSafe has a female condom (yes, it is equally effective) made from natural rubber latex and That Sassy Thing’s DTF: Personal Gel (a vegan lube) is made from plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, flaxseed, and lemon extract.

Green is usually not a colour we’d want associated with our intimate lives, but in this case, it’s definitely the way to go.

Sensory sex

After two years of not being ‘in touch’ with anyone, it’s not a surprise that sensory sex found its way into 2022. Don’t worry though; you don’t have to blind yourself to partake in it (unless you want to).

Thanks to Monica Geller (FRIENDS fans, please step in), everyone knows that our bodies have seven erogenous zones but it’s so much more nuanced than that. Our bodies are wired for pleasure and sensory sex, which basically means engaging as many senses as you can to optimise that pleasure. From listening to sensual ASMR sounds and lighting scented candles that do the trick, to letting your partner feed you aphrodisiac foods, the aim of sensory sex is to deepen intimacy and develop your sexual intelligence.

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